About Us

About UsThe Hog Roast Uttoxeter team have been delighting diners in our lovely market town with our superior hog roasts for the past 25 years. Our popularity is increasing day by day as more and more people discover how great our food is and how varied our menus are. Here at Hog Roast Uttoxeter, we don’t believe in perfecting one thing then sticking to it forever.

We have always explored new avenues when it comes to catering and we are proud of the diversity we can offer our clients.  Our hog roasts will always be our main attraction, but we are also becoming equally well-known for the complete catering packages we offer, and our clients love our alternative options just as much as they love our pork.

More About Our Methods

Through our innovative approach to hog roast catering, we have retained the traditional cooking technique, but introduced new flavours, ingredients, different kinds of meat and vegetarian options to make our food appeal to everyone, not just die-hard pork fans. Everything we provide is fresh and locally sourced from the best regional suppliers and we know the provenance of every single one of our ingredients, from our pork to our carrots.

We invest a lot of time and patience into preparing our fabulous ingredients and every dish on the menu is always made from scratch at your venue. Because of this, we always arrive several hours before the event to ensure everything is immaculately prepared and ready to be served promptly at the time of your choosing.

Our Team – The Best In The Business

About Us Our dedicated team has expanded greatly over the years and every member of it is 100% committed to giving you the best possible experience. From our customer advisors who deal with your initial inquiry, to our chefs and catering assistants who provide you with unforgettable food, everyone on the Hog Roast Uttoxeter team will go the extra mile to make your event perfect.

We even have our own team of professional event staff who can provide table service if you require a formal sit-down meal or serve drinks and our own handmade canapes to welcome your guests, if you are hosting an elegant wedding reception or corporate event. Whatever format you choose for your special day, the Hog Roast Uttoxeter team will take excellent care of you from start to finish.